You can do these by means of this platform which is established to increase the support to the granting of non-governmental organizations and thus to support the education.

a. You may receive donations from individual donors.

b. You can take online applications and evaluate them online.

c. You can increase the reliability and image of your organization.


1. Why can individuals donate through institutions, not personally?

There is a lot of personal and private information in the application form. Due to the security of personal information, only authorized CSOs are allowed to view these forms.

2. There are more than one scholarship of our institution, each can be taken separately?

Yes, even if it belongs to the same NGO, each scholarship is defined independently, applications are made separately and evaluated by you.

3. Can an NGO make its own announcements and get scholarship applications as before?

Sure, it is possible. If the NGO wants, it can use as a support to its own system. The NGO can leave the system whenever it wants.

4. How will we evaluate the applications made to our teams?

Admins, that you appoint, can view applicants, who applied for that certain scholarship, by logging in to the platform with their user name and passwords. They can see the application forms one by one and essays, that they wrote. They can easily review the applications and score them. If they wish, they may request additional information or call for an interview over the site.

5. Will we announce our selected scholarship through

No, every NGO is free to choose any number of scholars and to decide announce them or not. This platform only aims to make scholarship giving NGOs and potential scholars meet each other.

6. How reliable are the forms filled by the applicants?

Scholars take photos of documents, showing the accuracy of data, (incidental population, transcript, leasing, certificates etc.) and upload documents tab. If you do not trust these, you can demand originals or new documents through the web site.

7. Are there enough applications for the scholarships?

In 2020, a total of 115.730 people used In 2019, this number was 74.931. The number has reached over 133.000 in the first quarter of 2021.

8. How can NGOs receive donations from

Donors can directly support the CSO's relevant scholarships or NGO's donations, which they deem appropriate, with the virtual POS (using a credit card). If they wish, they can make their donations in 6 installments.

9. How does organisation knows, that a donation is made?

Donations made to your institution are sent to you with monthly reports. Each time, that you get donation, sysytem will automatically send a thanks letter to the donor and you will receive an e-mail about donation.

10. Are any commissions deducted?

4% service fee is deducted from donations made through scholarships. At the beginning of each month, the total donation will only be deposited to the official donation account of the NGO. No additional documents are requested from the NGO for donations.

11. Is there any additional or hidden cost to use this platform for NGO's?

No, there is no charge other than 4% donation service fee from NGOs.

12. Is it possible to follow up, the scholarships given by NGO's on this platform?

Yes, you can follow up the information of the person you are giving scholarship from the follow-up page and they can be in constant communication with them.

13. Is it possible to give scholarships once a year instead of giving a monthly scholarship?

This can be done in particular for doctoral or overseas students, and if you are receiving donations for a specific scholarship program, you can determine the minimum amount of donations.

14. Will monthly scholarship payments can be made through

No, it is made by NGOs. is not interested under what conditions, scholarships given or cut of. That is under the responsibility of the NGO,.

What should the NGO do to be included in

a.Signing the user agreement.

b.Filling the STK Information Form and complate all documentation.

c. Signing of the donation agreement