Bulgurcu Foundation GÖZDE'lerimiz Project Scholarship

About Scholarship


Non-refundable scholarship, which comprises full scholarship students from foundation universities and students from public universities, with quota, amount and duration, that will be annually determined and announced by the foundation:
a) From public universities, 3 students, independent from their departments.
b) Within the context of GÖZDE'lerimiz project;
30 female undergraduate students from the departments below:
•    Artificial Intelligence Engineering
•    Automotive Engineering
•    Civil Engineering
•    Computer Engineer
•    Control Automation Engineering
•    Electrical and Electronics Engineering
•    Energy Systems Engineering
•    Industrial Design Engineering
•    Industrial Engineering
•    Mechanical Engineering
•    Mechatronics Engineering
•    Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
•    Software Engineering


•    Being a Citizen of Turkey
Only citizens of Turkey can benefit from Bulgurcu Foundation scholarship programme.

•    Having a Financial Impossibility
To apply this foundation scholarship, the student has to accept and declare that she has financial impossibilities. That is why, each applicant must certify property holding and income state of both herself and her family.

•    Being Successful
Foundation scholarships are supplied to new students, that enroll in a university (preppy or freshman) or middle class students. Students, that completes the preparation class, are considered as middle class students. Middle class students are not treated differently in distribution. Necesarry success conditions for allocation and prosecution of the scholarship are listed below:
For middle class students, WGPA (weighted grade point average for each term, from the beginning) has to be at least 2.50 over 4.00, and number of failed courses retaken must be no more than one.

•    Not Being Older Than 25
The scholarship is supplied to students, who are younger than 25, as of the application date.

•    Having No Criminal Record
The applicant must not have a criminal record, as of the application date.


Foundation scholarships are given for 9 months and as 500.-TL monthly, starting from October as a generalty. Payments are withholded during July, August and September.
Continuation of the scholarship until the graduation of the scholar, without renewing the application annually is a basis; as long as success of the student is determined according to provisions of this regulations and the student continues steadily; unless there is a shrinkage in the budget potential of the foundation, caused by an extraordinary occasion. Scholarship are supplied for maximum 4 years for graduate students (it can be 5 years, if the scholarship has started from the preparation class). Entitlement to end the scholarship at any phase is reserved by foundation management.


Every willing student, that meets the conditions, uploads the student certificate (provided from the university), photo, transcript and personal data to www.bursverenler.org web site.
Required attached documents for application are listed below:
a) Criminal record certificate.
b) Student selection and placement exam result, as a certificate of achievement, and a document, provided from registrar's office of university, that shows the ranking in university entrance, if needed, for applicants, who recently started their undergraduate programme.
c) Certified document from university, that shows letter grades from each lecture and GPA as of end of last academic semester, as a certificate of achievement, for applicants, who are in later years of their undergraduate programmes.
d) Apart from these documents; registry of deeds, certificate of martyrdom (not compulsory), rental contract, certificate of identity register copy and certificate of disability (not compulsory) must be present during the interview.


Selection of foundation scholars are made in two steps. Applicants are ranked by the ratio of meeting the criterias and the number of applicants are limited to double the amount of scholarship quota, after the application process, made over bursverenler.org, is completed. Thereafter, the applicants are invited to the interview. These interviews can be done face-to-face, if possible, or as a video talk via internet. Applicant must attend the interview in order to gain scholarship.
Success and financial situation are considered, when the scholarships are awarded. Scholarship Committee ranks the applicants according to these conditions, and makes an official report. Scholarship appropriation statement, which enlists names, surnames and success levels of applicants, student application form for each applicant and attachments are present in the report of the Committee. Scholarship Committee sends the report and its attachments with a lettering to the Board of Directors in October.


The scholarship is allocated to the student by Board of Directors. Board of Directors examines the positions of applicants, according to the reports of Scholarship Committe. Requests additional information and documents, if needed, makes interviews and makes the final decision.


Scholarship amounts and annual rates of increase are determined by the Board of Directors. The foundation remits to bank accounts of scholars, monthly, starting from the beginning of October.


The scholar has to provide the conditions below, for the scholarship to continue until graduation.
a) WGPA (weighted grade point average for each term, from the beginning) has to be at least 2.00, and number of failed courses retaken must be no more than one.
b) If the documents needed are not delivered in time, or the student receives a disciplinary punishment; the scholarship is cancelled. The situation of the student is reevaluated, if reason of cancellation is off the table and if deemed appropriate the scholarship can be regained, unless the situation is caused by mispresentation.
c) The scholarship is reevaluated, if the scholar changes the school or department. Scholarship continues until the undergraduate program is completed. (On the condition that requirements written on articles a and d are provided.) Double major and minor programmes do not extend the duration of scholarship.
d) Scholars, that study abroad with student exchange programs, (Erasmus etc.) and receives diploma upon returning, may get their scholarship, while they are abroad, if they deliver required information and documents.
e) The scholarship ends, if the scholar starts working full time, or change the marital status as married.
f) The scholarship will be cancelled, if scholar is arrested or sentenced due to malice.
g) Any kind of mispresentation will result in cancellation of the scholarship, and full repayment is demanded.
h) The scholarship will be finished, if the student freezes registration or take school off.
i) If the student ends the education life of transfers to another educational institution, without informing the foundation, the scholarship will be finished.
j) Foundation is free to differentiate any article from this directive, apply differently without making change, and update amount, duration, number of scholars, required qualifications. The foundation is not under obligation against scholars. It has never contracted an engagement. Scholars declare that they accept all these conditions by applying for this scholarship.
k) The foundation management is entitled to end the scholarship single-sidedly, at any phase.