Reliability and Transparency, being a non-commercial establishment, is a civil responsibility initiative of Yücel Culture Foundation, which has turned 50 this year. In the frame of Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK), maximum security measures are taken while sending the information and documents of scholar candidates to the institutions. In addition, according to laws and our respect to the private life, no documents and information are shared without the approval of scholar candidates. Likewise, the information messages received from the institutions are sent to the applicants directly without using e-mail or other communicaiton channels.

Our website is a member of VERBIS (Personal Data Protection Authority Data Officers Registry Information System), which is the official establishment in the frame of KVKK. All money movements are done through the banks on platform. Bank receipts of the payments made to the scholars are delivered to their donors within 24 hours. In this way, donors will be informed about the scholarship of selected scholars.

In terms of security, donors are deliberately prevented from making direct donations to scholars. does not want to be an intermediary for a donor to abuse the scholarship on the grounds of granting a scholarship. Thus, the grievances suffered by young people are prevented in case the donors give up granting scholarships after a few months.

Sustainability and Social Benefit

A student who is a member of and completed the first form in primary school age can update the same form over the years and use it op to university, master and doctoral level and benefit from different scholarships.

Scholars may add any new certificates, diplomas and medals they have earnt over time to this platform. Well educated societies are examples of economic prosperity as well as technology, democracy, tolerance and development. For this reason, we urge individuals and institutions to provide support for education. The more we can create opportunities for young people, the more we will fulfill our mission and provide social benefit.

Environment and Technology

Instead of using paper obtained from forests, we provide digital communication by using contemporary technologies. In no way the paper is consumed. .

We know that filling out the first application form will take 40 minutes for the applicants. However, once this process is done you can use it in a lifetime.You can apply hundreds of scholarships with just a click. New diplomas, certificates of achievement, every success, each medal can be added to your form any time. Scholars can use this form as a Cv after they have finished their education.

Through the algorithm running at background, institutions can evaluate the candidates in a fair and easy way.

Accessibility and Equal Opportunity

We ensure that young people can access to scholarships more easily and apply for more scholarships with minimum cost. There is an application fee (10.-TL). The reason is that young people are tend to apply all scholarships without reading the application requirements. Thus, they waste time of the administrators of the institutions since they do not meet the necessary requirements. In addition, we get rid of all shipping cost and save that money by using an electronic platform.

Associate and Ease

All the Foundation, Association, Persons and and Trademarks, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Trade Unions, Education Institutions are FREE to use this platform.