Academic Western Languages Foreign Language Support Scholarship

About Scholarship


Academic Foreign Language Courses maintain its position as the most prestigious foreign language course in the foreign language education sector. With years of experience, Academic Foreign Language Courses rank at the top with customized training programs in the education field. Personalized programs are created for individuals and groups to ensure the fastest, highest quality, and most lasting learning process.

Academic Foreign Language Courses Educational Institutions serve in 16 world languages. When considering widespread usage, it continues to make a difference with a 100% success rate in preparation courses for domestic and international exams (TOEFL, IELTS, YDS, YÖKDİL, iTEP, OET, SAT, YÖS, YKS, PTE ACADEMIC, TELC, GOETHE, etc.) in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Persian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, and Turkish (TÖMER) education.

Academic Foreign Language Courses Educational Institutions not only aim to make a difference in your success and achieving your goals during language teaching but also aim to personalize the language you acquire, internalize, and provide you with the confidence, accent, and pronunciation in using the language in formal and informal areas.

Continuing its work with the encouragement given by congratulations and commendation letters from both the Ministry of National Education and Universities, Academic Foreign Language Courses Educational Institutions maintains its initial excitement with assistant professors, research assistants, and faculty members who continue their duties at many of Turkey's leading universities, offering their achievements to all university and higher school students.


  • There is no lower or upper age limit for scholarship applications. Anyone who is a student can apply.
  • 100% scholarship will be awarded to 5 people, and 50% scholarship will be awarded to 50 people. The scholarship is for one course. The tuition fee for a single course is 7,500.-TL as of 25.03.2024.


  • 100% scholarship will be awarded to 5 people, and 50% scholarship will be awarded to 50 people.
  • Only students can apply for this scholarship.
  • Students who are financially disadvantaged, orphaned, and/or widowed will be given priority.
  • Scholarship applications will be valid for one year.
  • The deadline for applications is 30.09.2024, and those who are eligible for the scholarship will be announced on 10.10.2024 by and Academic Western Languages via their websites and social media accounts. The scholarship applications of unsuccessful candidates will remain valid for one year from the application date, and if the next scholarship announcement date of Academic Western Languages falls within that one-year period, they will not need to reapply.
  • The amount of scholarship to be awarded and the number of eligible individuals are re-evaluated by the Education Committee at the beginning of each academic year, taking into account the institution's capabilities, and the recommendations made are submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.


  • Photograph
  • Documents Showing Your Financial Status
  • Student Certificate from the School You Are Enrolled In
  • Criminal Record Certificate
  • ID Document
  • Population Registration Document

To apply for a scholarship, you need to visit and become a member by clicking on the login section. If you are already a member, you may simply log in.